Call for Artists 2018

Since 2002 Telephonebooth has produced two group shows a season,
the Summer Salon and the Winter Invitational.

Usually the Summer Salon is a mixed group show of gallery artists' recent work and emerging artists.

We have always encouraged application to the group shows as a more accessible entry into the gallery process.

The program is fairly open but does require a written statement and a portfolio review.
The portfolio can be provided either as an appointment in the gallery, a studio visit or with set of images showing work process and work.
All of these requirements are important and if not included in the application, will not be considered complete.

Emerging and maturing artists with a body of work prepared to apply for a solo show should follow the same procedure but with description regarding unity of the series.

The 2018 Summer Salon will open August 3 and 4 2018.
The theme, on topic of recent research, will be about textiles.
Artists are invited to send images of recent work and a paragraph explaining process.
Gallery will be reviewing work thru July.

The 2018 Winter Invitational will open November 2-3 and is mostly open to artists with previous working experience with the gallery.

For further information or questions please contact
Tim S. Brown

Telephonebooth Gallery
3319 Troost, KCMO, 64109

A very small art gallery in Kansas City, MO.
Open since 1995, has consistently maintained a program about honest and direct cultural production.

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