2017-18 Winter Invitational

2017-18 Winter Invitational

the luxury of imaginary purism only dissolves
when mixed with pluralist reality.

Telephonebooth, and the gallery as intersection of pluralistic dialogue,
has always been the program, as if there might be a metaphor to our larger
world outside of art.

To this point, in this show, there is art of refinement
and also art of a rough hewn nature all sharing the same location
and all equally valid.

Recent work by artists of both esteemed and ill repute,
mostly unframed and pinned on the wall using binder clips,
so that viewers might be challenged
to use and enable their own capacity for looking.

Artists from Left to Right, and North to South,
Jan Hakon
Natalie Myers + Christopher Beer
James Edward Lane
Rachel Hayes
William Shipman
Json Myers
Cecilia Bakker
Sean Semones
Saskia Lehnert
Jane Talstad

Show closing Saturday April 28th 11-5pm.

Gallery open Saturdays 12-5 and by appointment

Tim B.

Telephonebooth® Gallery
3319 Troost Kansas City, MO 64109 USA