22-23 Winter Invitational

Lynus Bryan Young, 2019

An artist recently commented on Telephonebooth being unencumbered by a style,
I should have explained I was raised by rational thinking pluralists,
if I did lapse into a particular style as a gallerist I would find that unfortunate and boring.

I met Lynus around 2000 and asked him to have a show in 2002. He was one of the first shows in a completely derelict old building in a tough location away from the scene. I had been shunned by the hipsters for not kissing the ring, shunned by the administration for not playing along with the corruption. On many levels it was just not a cool place to be. For his forbearance and loyalty I will always owe Lynus Bryan Young a debt of gratitude.

Better artists that live here notice the narrow mindedness of Americans and the loss of thought.
Many have responded with various strategies of oblique and veiled reference.
Building an idiosyncratic world and making it bigger seems a way forward under such conditions.
For multiple reasons personal interiors are the better place to build from, if one has that method, if one can.

Lynus Bryan Young was one of few artists I have known who had strong powers of a personal cosmology.
What it takes to do that is being first inclusive, kind and generous, for to see big things one must first be expansive internally.
LBY was all of that.

He saw the New York and understood its lessons intuitively, that its about the quality of one's questions and there are a few people who will get the work past any trickiness or facility;
so do the work, dig for the minerals, when you find them they will be yours.

Not many get to the better minerals and even then get to build out the results.
Every time I saw Lynus he was working in the right direction.
Few I have known do that so effortlessly.

So I am still processing the loss of Lynus he was rare, true and great,
his absence here is still a shift under my feet, .
I am sorry he didn't have the time to keep digging.

The 22-23 Winter Invitational, in its 20th year, is an annual group show of current - recent work from friends and artists.

In 2019 Lynus Bryan made a proposal for a show and left a few pictures with the gallery to be included in the 19-20 Winter Invitational.
And then a bunch of things happened.
With permission from his estate those drawings are in this show.

Unfortunately I have to also say be careful about provenance as a suitcase of drawings was stolen from his studio around 2011.
Lynus was independent from any gallery 2004 - 2019 and a number of local consultants took full advantage of that.

Benefactors also slow to notice their admins co-opted and doing side work or fronting commercial interests is a breach of public trust.
Such a small art scene with such high administrative fees would seem to indicate deflection away from art.
Unfortunate for the artists that work here in good faith that so much of the metric is only about money.
There is no honor in only getting over on bohemians and being just cheap.
Benefactors here should have higher standards, unfortunate when they have none and that example sets the tone.

Gallery by appointment only
Saturdays March 11th through April 29th 2023

if interested in seeing the show
I get too many spam calls,
so please state your name and availability,
via text, voicemail or email

Tim B.

3319 Troost KCMO 64109