Sean Semones, Recent Work

Sean Semones Painting Detail

Sean Semones, Recent work
Early Friday Preview Sept. 7th, 4pm - 7pm
Opening Saturday Sept. 8th, 12-5pm
Open Saturdays 12-5pm
Showing thru Oct.

Gallery Statement

“I have to give you credit, you are not very self aware, but if someone holds a mirror to your face, you are not afraid to look” Aaron Korsh

If Star Trek was some reflection on the id, ego and superego from the 60’s, maybe Suits has parallel for what recently passed as conversation between ideals of pluralism and tolerance.

If the Romantic tradition reflected nature as our highest aspiration, we are not yet post-romantic, still decades away from post-modern. In our current world, the rational and scientific human seems a vague pencil outline compared to the tribal brutality we witness in abundance. Other side-tending traditions might still yet contain relevant possibilities, as we wade thru another set of ideas - not post-history, still late capital era of maybe high-low tech.

Sean’s themes veer towards the obscure and opaque but he has remained consistently committed to his own practice of reflecting and facing directly his own sense of the sublime in the world and in his life

Quality in art starts from process and vision, as a gallerist I support both of those aspects in Sean’s work and this current series of paintings are strong representative examples of Sean’s studio process as I have watched him evolve and mature as an artist over the last 18 years.

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