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Opening Receptions Aug. 2014

coneflowers, early spring
coneflower, mid summer

Dear Friends,

Somewhere on the nets there's a picture of the tree stump I've been wrestling with for the last few weeks.

That's generally how its been going this year.
Lots of digging on things that need to move.

We had a polar vortex winter and after that, just busy.

While the gallery show program has been on hiatus,
gallery projects have been ongoing and relentless.

Mostly in the background, infrastructure improvements,
stuff to help things work better.


Closing This Saturday

Emily Sall
Andrea Ferrigno
Cecila Bakker

March 2014, Kansas City, MO -

Sometimes art is abstract, even when its not.

Many of the artists working with this gallery have their own language.
As that happens when working into a topic, I would certainly expect many languages.

Abstract doesn't mean unreadable, just takes more time (or work) to read.


Winter Show Ceding to Spring

Bill Shipman
Jon Cavanaugh
Sean Semones

March 2014, Kansas City, MO -

The Winter Invitational Group will be on view two more Saturdays -
closing March 22nd.

As always also by appointment.

If you haven't made it out over winter,
I hope you might have a minute to drop in soon.

Tim B.


Art, Editions, Projects Etc.
3319 Troost Kansas City, MO 64109 USA

Gallery hours:
Saturdays 12-4ish and by appointment