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Telephonebooth Hosting Pop-up

Bakker Brown Fall 2021

In addition to a program of fine art Telephonebooth is currently working to feature alternative retail.

Bakker Brown is a collaborative apparel design business in Kansas City.

Telephonebooth is the place to try on, see the quality, feel the fit, pick a fabric and place a direct price order from the current Bakker Brown offerings mostly
three season jackets in denims, wools and waxed cottons.


Artist talk this Saturday 1pm

Telephonebooth bocce court

Artist talk and open Bocce court next to the gallery this Saturday,
July 10th 2021, 10am - 2pm

Sean Semones talk 1pm

Russell Ferguson, Natalie Beer and Sean Semones combined solo shows by appointment thru July.
Much of the work will be available on the gallery website in the flatfile section.

Appointments available Mondays and Saturdays 8-5pm

Missouri covid on the rise.
Telephonebooth Gallery requests social distance and masks.
Please get vaccinated.


June 2021 Gallery News

Lynus Young 2004

random gallery notes, assorted other etcetera

New clients
Most artists understand if a gallery scene is oriented around art as entertainment that paradigm primarily benefits the owners of the circus not the performers. The other issue with entertainment art is the drive towards easily digestible content puts smart artists in last place.
Shows involving scholarship and curatorial acumen are considered "not accessible" and the result is safe, easy corporate production gets promoted, certified by consultants and collected.


2020 Consolidated Fall Season

Western Landscape Wyoming Russell Ferguson

2020 Fall Season Shows,

November 2020 - February 2021

Russell Ferguson, Recent Landscapes
Natalie Beer, "Amen"
Sean Semones, "sensitives not long for this"

All shows on view.
Covid rules and by appointment.

Appointments available Saturdays 9am - 5pm
Art available for purchase on gallery website.
Preview Saturday Nov. 7th 12-5pm, need mask and contact info.
Questions / Appointments