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Last Weeks of 2021 Holiday Market

Sean Semones 2012 Consignment 2021

Looks like we are closing out the year with some balmy December weather.

gallery open limited hours,
Friday afternoon Saturday morning December 10-11
available by appointment Friday Saturday 17-18

Holiday Market has a wide range this year.
great options on affordable original fine art by local artists
in the gallery and online,
Sean Semones consignments listed in the [ flatfiles ] section of the website.
Call or email for availability of many local artists.


Telephonebooth Holiday Schedule

Día de los Muertos at Nelson Atkins

Día de los Muertos 2021, in a sober mood.

In the recent tradition of combined consolidated covid viewing, the 2020-2021 Summer Salon and Winter Invitationals will be held all at once November thru January. Also in that vein, in addition to a program of quality art from working artists Telephonebooth is currently working to provide alternative retail support for local artisans producing garments and accessories of exceptional value and/or unique perspective. So all at once will also include the Holiday Market thru December.